As a son of a B-17 pilot in World War II and stay at home mom with four brothers and sisters, Brian was instilled with core values centered around family, religion, hard work, the importance of education, and how public service can have a positive impact on your community. Brian, a life-long resident of Rotterdam, and his wife, Patty, continue to live by these values and have passed them along to their six children.

Brian worked for ten years as a cameraman for Channel 6 before deciding to obtain his master’s degree in teaching. One of Brian’s greatest accomplishments and joys was his 24 years at Duanesburg Schools where he loved to teach a diverse student body while developing individual growth in literacy and math for students at different learning levels. With a family of eight to support, Brian also owned his own wedding photography company for over 20 years, McGarry Photography.  Brian was extremely proud when his daughter took over the company a few years ago.

Brian began his career in public service in 2013 and was elected overwhelmingly to the Schenectady County Legislature and re-elected in 2015. As his constituents found, Brian has a strong love of people with the ability to listen and assist on a variety of issues. He continues to serve on the Legislature with attention to individual rights spelled out in the Constitution, economic development with limited if any government intrusion, and helping those who are either temporarily or permanently unable to help themselves. While serving in the county legislature, Brian has defended the ideals of his constituents in Rotterdam, Duanesburg, and Princetown. Of note is his close attention to Metroplex and the expanding solar panel program.

Working with his close friends, New York State Senators George Amedore and Jim Tedisco, Brian’s goals include protecting our loved ones from domestic violence at home and sexual abuse in the workplace, holding our state government accountable for making sure families can stay in their homes by providing property tax relief, cutting government red-tape to make New York more affordable and attractive for businesses, providing a quality education for our children, reversing the record number of citizens fleeing to other states, stopping the cycle of corruption in Albany, and protecting your constitutional rights.