Priorities That Matter to Us


Brian McGarry was a product of the Greatest Generation’s values: faith, family, hard work, earning an education, and giving back to the community. Brian and his wife, Patty, have shared these lessons with their six children.

Teacher, Family Business Owner, Public Servant

Brian is a retired Duanesburg teacher. He loved to teach and help students of all learning levels grow and reach for the stars. With six children of his own, Brian hustled to provide opportunities for his family. He set up a thriving photography business to help pay the bills at home. Today his daughter carries on the business. As his children grew into their own, Brian was honored with the privilege of representing our community in the County Legislature.

Everyone Knows Albany Needs Reform.

Brian McGarry will champion priorities that matter to us: protecting loved ones from domestic violence at home and sexual abuse in the workplace, reducing the nation’s highest taxes so families can stay in their homes and employers can stay in business, ensuring upstate schools receive the same amount of school aid as children in New York City, and stopping the corruption and outright theft in our state government.

Senators George Amedore & Jim Tedisco Need A Partner In The Assembly.

The New York State Assembly Is controlled by New York City Democrats who do not care about upstate. We need an assemblyman who will finally put our needs first. The only way to reform Albany is to reject NYC politicians and provide upstate senators with a partner who puts our priorities first.